Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Deaths, Misc.

I don't want to keep you in suspense.

Remember about my mother-in-law's first cousin who died and funeral was postponed because her grandson has an accident while skiing and had a series of operations.

Apparently, the operations are over for now. Jerome has taken care of the living (his son), now he can buried his mother tomorrow.

Speaking of deaths: For years when we had appliance troubles we called Bob of Bob's Repair Service. Bob was a hyper old retired geezard who was very good at repairing washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators. Just a month ago he installed a water filter on our frig.

One time while Bob was in our basement working on our furnace he noticed over in the corner was a gas fed weed-eater and a gas fed water pressure machine. He refused to work any more until I remove those items, he said it was too dangerous to be in the same basement as a pilot light. It never occurred to me because the gas fed items were over 30 feet away, but he had a point. I moved them and they are still out of the basement, and that is one of the reasons we are having an additional storeroom built under our den.

Bob died Tuesday, leaving a wife, two daughters, and a son, plus grandkids.

One time while Bob was doing something around here, I asked him was he a native of Cobb County. He told me no, he was born in Rome, Georgia, and came here in 1953. He went on to tell me he got mad a left home as a teenager, and moved in with his sister for a while, he said he and his brother-in-law got along fine but he and his sister couldn't be in the same room together without having a word fight. So, he moved out, and went to Texas and got a job at a big farm working in the grain warehouse. He also slept in the loft. After while he left there and joined the Army, I think he said.

After his service hitch he got out and settled in Marietta.

When he put in my water-filter on the refrigerator he left a set of pliars and I kept meaning to drop them off to him when I was his way, but kept forgetting.

What a small world. I was talking to my 84 year old neighbor yesterday and she told me a good friend of her and her family died. Bob's oldest daughter and my neighbor's daughter went through school and college together and remain friends, 20 years later.

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