Sunday, March 19, 2006

Parking Lot

After several attempts I gave up trying to download pictures to the blog this morning. Either the system is out of whack or I am.

When I took my wife to the doctor Thursday it was such a pretty day I sat in the car in the parking lot for two hours and read.

I watched female patients come and go. Some came with their mates. I think if I was sitting on the inside waiting room and somebody handed me pictures of vehicles in the parking lot it would be very easy to match up the car with the person or couple.

In the parking a shiny red BMW convertable’s owner was a perk middle aged woman with bleached hair and a loud black and white checked dress – and high heels.

A big size pickup truck drove up that had pro-Bush and general right-wing stickers such as NRA slogans and so on. Out stepped from the driver’s side a cute tall girl that seemed very unpretentious and on the shotgun side stepped out a big size good old boy, who had to put on his boots before he could walk. He had a crew cut. He also had a couple of tattoos on his arm. He smoked until they reached the door, then very artfully flipped his butt out in the parking lot. I can tell he had practiced flipping butts in his own unique style. He had a signature butt flipping technique.

There were several humble sort of people in humble cars that were not out to make a statement with the kind of automobile they drove. They just wanted four wheels to get them where they were going in the most frugal way they could do. If I was on the inside it might be a problem matching the owners with the vehicles on this group. At least I think I would get the group right.

About the same time two land rovers new looking vehicles drove up. In one was a woman and in one was a man. They both were on the cell phone. And both talked over 10 minutes. Then they both got out. And got their brief case on wheels out. They were both sales persons. They walked in together talking. I wonder if they were competitors or colleagues? Or maybe since their arrival and getting out of their vehicles were so timely, maybe they were having an affair.

Also, from the parking lot view was a young man who walked by on the sidewalk several times eyeing me. This parking lot is only about three or four blocks from the center of Marietta right in the middle of the medical area where the hospital and all is. He definitely was sizing me up. Did he think I would cringe and cry if he suddenly walked up and he put a gun to my head or a knife to my throat and demand all my money, or would I cry or faint? I guess jumping out and banging his head against the side of the truck was out of the question.

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Blogger Carolyn said...

When Dad was still alive and I was taking care of him, sometimes we'd go to a store (a small dollar store or something) where he could roam around and buy trinkets and stuff (he had Alzhiemers and didn't function well with money anymore). When we'd leave, sometimes we sat in the car for a spell and played that parking lot game. Dad was very good at matching people with their vehicles. I think that game often helped his memory and brain function too.

5:44 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I can see where that would a good mind exercise.

I forgot to mention but there were no Hawgs in the parking lot.... why I wonder? I think Hawgs like Cadillacs are more for an older generation (beyond menepause - there fore no need for a gyn) and pimps who need the prestige.

8:11 AM  

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