Thursday, March 30, 2006

Morning Coffee

Just a little useless self-centered ramblings.

Each morning I walk and run on the treadmill and sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I listen to music and sometimes I look out the window at our backyard.

The treadmill is on the second level which gives me a good view of our yard, and our neighbors’ yard. Lately, I have a new friend outside the window, a hawk, who sits and watch me watch him. He/she seems very patient. Also, I have several bird feeders and I scatter on the ground corn cracklings, sunflower seed, and scratch feed for our birds who prefer to scratch for their food and the squirrels and chipmunks who like their corn, peanuts and sunflower seed.

And the hawk who likes all of the above.

Yesterday, I noticed the hawk not perched up on a limb like I usually see it, but walking around the ground in our natural area, looking down and pecking. I wonder what it was up to? Somehow I expected to hop around on the ground with both feed together, but he walked one foot after the other foot, similar to humans.

I went to the cemetery yesterday and put flowers on my parents' grave. When there alone I usually tell them the latest news I think they would be interested in. When I told them my youngest sister is laying our of work a lot I think but not sure I heard a slight rumble, and maybe I felt the ground vibrate a little.

Also yesterday I got my bike out, pumped up the tires and went for a 30 minute ride. It is that time of year. I have leanings to be a recluse anyway, and my daily walk and run in the area was good for me, mentally wise, and now I don't have to anymore. So, the bike ride did me good, to see different houses that I was keeping up with - the people making additions and things.... good for my nose anyway - gives it exercise.

I mentioned in an entry for Tuesday night that I was ran down by lady and her electric wheelchair. That was not the first time I have hit bulldozed by an electric wheelchair. Once while attending a concert my youngest son was in at his middle school auditorium. The row behind us was shorter than the row we were on. The shorter row was an ideal place for someone in their wheelchair park, which someone soon found out. Behind me I heard her battery, hydraulics, grunt and groan as it went back and forth, worming herself in line with the row of seats. The WHAM! I felt a terrific force that hit my back and pushed me and my seat into the seat in front of me.

I think the lady meant to go backwards but she press the wrong thing and it went lurched forward, which surprised her and she press even harder instead of hitting the brakes. I have a theory why that and the Tuesday night hit happened, but it all involves moons of Jupiter all lining up but it is too complicated to get into.

On Judy’s blog (see the Ask Judy link to the right) this morning she mentioned the ROAD movies that starred Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. To make a comment I dug out a DVD I bought (cheap) within a year ROAD TO BALI starring B&B and Dorothy Lamour. I don’t think to today’s standards Dorothy Lamour is all that beautiful… but she had a down home non pretentious quality that I find beautiful.

Anyway, that got me wondering – wasn’t a ROAD TO BAGDHAD made? If so, and today if they made a remake it should be interesting. A gang of Muslim kidnappers with black masks and large blades chasing the two lovable Anglo-Saxons that would keep making wisecracks about the bungling Keystone Cops – like kidnappers.

It looks like the first week of May I will be with my wife in Jacksonville, Florida. She will be on official business and I will be on official monkey business.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without such time as I spend on the xbike and jogging, etc...I would go nuts. I find it is some of my most thoughtful time and I also do it early in the morning. the coffee comes later.

I like the prose you write. Its good stuff.

Road to Baghdad? only found this...

1:59 PM  
Blogger ET said...

By the way, I visited the Tavern Wench you told me about. I wasn't sure if I should unload a 3 pager on her or not. So, I emailed her and I told her The Hipster sent me... or I may have said, psst! The Hipster sent me. I told her you suggested I should send you the Beatnik thing, then I included my link, instead of just piling it up on her. I don't know if she looked at it or not. Maybe I went about it in a wrong way.
I hate to sound dumb but what is an X bike?
Mine is a Huffy 21 speed mountain bike. I am thinking about hitting the Spring yard sales (just like Junkin') and see if I can buy up in quality with a low price.
I think I paid about $100 for my Huffy... so, I wouldn't mind getting a better used bike for a decent price (decent to me).
I'll check out the amctv link. Thanks.

2:30 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

Thanks for the mention, Ed. I do think they made a "Road to Baghdad" movie.

A man in an electric cart at Wal-Mart almost backed over me today...LOL

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and xbike is a zen bike. It doesn't go any where.

12:07 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I should have realized X meant Excercise. Sort of X means Excell.

2:09 PM  
Blogger pisces26 said...

Hi, Im doing some research into cycling as part of a college degree course. I found some people to provide input via mountain bike but I need to contact others. Any ideas?

2:25 AM  

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