Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hunter's Bridge, part I

I recently took this picture of this house on the corner of Waddell and Waterman Street.

Then without taking a step I did an about face, turning completely around facing the opposite direction and took the picture down Waterman Street - you see Atlanta Street and beyond Atlanta Street you see a green hill or some sort.

My father was born in the house on Waterman and Waddell.. I was born on the hill with green grass.

In 1941 there was a house and a sidewalk where the green hill is now. The green grass is part of the beginning a railroad bridge. The name of the railroad bridge is Hunter Bridge, which I will get to in the next blog.

Of course the house that we lived in had a railroad track running behind it. One time my sister said when I was just a baby and she was about 3 years old she and her playmate, Neal, were playing in the backyard and a man came up from the other side of the tracks and placed himself between the rails. They watched him as a train came and ran over him.

At my friend's Ronnie memorial service a few weeks ago I saw Neal there and asked him about it. He said he didn't remember it but his parents told him about it. Neal now is retired from Lockheed and has a long wild white beard. He thinks in a Santa Clause Mode and makes appearances from fall up until Christmas as Saint Nick.

Ho ho.



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