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The Christian Way

Many thanks to Judy of "Just Ask Judy" for her technical wizardry on Idamae's picture.
These two ladies are sisters. The passport type portrait is Margaret Julian (1874-1957). The lady standing is Idamae Julian (1876-?). They were sisters. When Idamaie became legal age she moved to San Francisco and never heard from again.

They are my ancestor’s Jason Henderson Hunter’s granddaughters. They are the daughters of Mary Hunter (1856-c1881) and John C. Julian. John Julian and Mary may have died fairly young. Mary’s brother John Andrew Hunter (1846-1896) raised the two girls. Here are the notes I accumulated:
While Margaret was still a child, her father John Julian, perhaps after his wife died, moved to Idaho where he owned a ranch. Margaret was raised by her uncle John A. Hunter, and his wife Amanda. Later the Hunters kept the money from the sale of the Idaho ranch. This upset Margaret's daughter, Gladys. But Margaret would not let Gladys or "other relatives" (Ida Mae's family?) file a lawsuit. Apparently, Margaret even destroyed some papers that would have increased a lawsuit's chance of success.

Maxine Ferguson:
"The Hunters were Maggie's mother's brother and his wife. Very austere persons. Maggie's father (John Julian) may have been Jewish, and that is where the Hunters drew the line. Margaret's father was not wealthy but well off."

Two sons died at birth.

Margaret lived with her daughter Gladys until she died in the mid-1950's. David Willis remembers her as a pleasant, quiet lady who made pumpkin pie for him and his sister.

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