Thursday, September 22, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Aunt and Uncle 50th Anniversary 21 Years ago

Rarely I have the exact dates on photographs I took, but this time I do: June 19, 1995.  It is the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my uncle and aunt, Leonard Petty (1924-2001) and Jeannette Phillips Petty (1925-2004) over 21 years ago.
Leonard was an optician.  He worked for Dr. Cutherson then went into own business.  In Marietta Petty Optician shared a building with Woody's Barbershop.  After Leonard had died I learned that he and the proprietor of Woody's Barber Shop was most likely distant cousins from our roots in Fanning County.
Leonard also owned horse boarding stables in Powder Springs that I think he partnered with his daughter LaVern.

Jeannette was born in Detroit.  Leonard met her when he was in the Navy.  They had three daughters and a son and a black and white long haired dog named Sooner.

Their children and children', and children's children and spouses.

Leonard Francis Petty 1930

Anthony Rollins (son of Opal Petty)

Billy Petty (son of Leonard and Jeannette) and grandson

Center two: Billy Petty, son of Billy, and LaVern, Leonard and Jeannette's youngest daughter

Cheryl and her father Wallace Petty

Janie Petty Hunter and her daughters Frances and Bonnie

Surprised!  LaVern and mother Jeannette


Leonard and daughter LaVonne

Susan Petty Kirkendal (Leonard and Jeannette's daughter) serving.

Sarah Petty McLemore and friend

Mary Joe Johns Petty (widow of Tom Petty) and LaVonne

Monroe Reece (grew up on neighboring farm), friend of the Pettys 

Brothers Leonard and Wallace Petty

Surviving Petty Siblings and Jeannette in 1995 Janie died about eight months later.



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