Saturday, September 10, 2016

JonBenet Ramsey and Mary Phafan

Friday night NBC's Dateline had a two hour study of the facts and speculation surrounding the Jon Benet Ramsey murder Christmas 1996, almost 20 years ago.

JonBenet is buried at Saint James Episcopal Church Cemetery here in Marietta.  I/we have visited her grave several times.  I would probably fall under "Gawker" category. 

I thought it was very interesting that many cards, letters, notes, and little dolls were hanging from branches of the tree that umbrellas  the grave.

I remembered once, Christmas Day I think, after viewing her grave and walking away back to my car I passed a short young guy.  He was smiling so happy he was strutting like he was on his way to having a date with an angle. He greeted me smiling, he had a wrapped up bouquet under one arm and a teddy bear in the other.

Interesting Jon Benet Ramsey is not the only underage girl that died violently in another town, that made national news, and the real murderer may have gotten away with it and is buried in Marietta.  She is buried in the Marietta City Cemetery.

Mary Phagan, age 12, was murdered in the basement of Atlanta Pencil Factor April 26, 1913.  On some circumstantial evidence and a lot of anti-Semitism her Jewish supervisor was tried and convicted to be hanged.  The governor changed his sentenced to life in prison.
then some "good old boys" from Marietta went to the state prison in Milledgeville during the night, went into the prison opposition, took Leo Frank and carried him back to Marietta, where he was lynched.  Not many years ago it was made public the city's elite at the time planned out the Milledgeville visit and the hanging.  

As I was saying, isn't it strange two girls of similar deaths not residents of Marietta but buried in Marietta 83 years apart?

Interesting, No?


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