Friday, September 23, 2016

Garth's Arm around Herman, a rare scene

Left to right:  Garth Cain, Herman Wrigley, Herman's wife Marilyn , and I think either the station manager or acting Marietta Postmaster.  This picture is inside the Sprayberry Post Office ten years or so ago to say thanks to Herman for his devotion to the Postal Service.  He had just retired.
Ironically Garth Cain, the ex-postmaster has his hand on Herman, like he is petting him.  Garth died a several years ago.  

Herman and Garth had a love-hate relationship, sort of.

I remember one time Garth gave Herman some good advice, paraphrased:  "Only be concerned with what you can control, it is bad for your health to worry about things you can't change."



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