Friday, September 09, 2016

Dan Cox and the Ghosts He Does Not Believe In

Dan Cox was until recently was the C.E.O. of the Marietta Museum of History.  He founded the museum.  He put in untold hours collecting Marietta historical items and building display stands... along with selling the ideas to the elected officials.
 If it was not for Dan Cox there would be no Marietta History Museum, not to the standard it is now, anyway.
Dan was a councilman and business owner downtown.  He owned Cox Printing which he inherited but he made it better by sharing 8x10 black and white pictures of Marietta.
Dan said he does not believe in ghosts, then he turned around and said he saw a ghost in the stairwell in the Kennesaw House, which was a hotel in the Civil War.  He told also that an organization that goes to suspected haunted places with their "ghost meter" and count the spirits.  He said the machine registered hundreds or maybe thousands of ghosts around the museum quarters.

Because Dan created the Marietta Museum of History someday he will probably haunt the premises, especially the stairwells.... heck!  He already does.


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