Monday, September 12, 2016

Chumley's Is Returning!

If you read this blog enough you probably know when I was in the Navy I was stationed in New Jersey about two years and we went to The Big Apple, aka, NYC, aka New York City, often.

And if you read the details you would know we frequented Chumley's restaurant while in town... why?  Because a lot of famous writers frequented the place and we were star struck and  liked to stargaze.

Also you might have read that Chumley's started off  as a speakeasy in about 1922 and some times in the 1970s they had a fire and the place has been closed since.

Now, they have it all repaired, and are fine tuning the details.  Also, a waiting staff are dressed in white jackets.  I'm not sure I like that or not.

My son Rocky sent me this New York Times' link about Chumley's reopening today.

Click on the link NYC's Chumley's Speakeasy at the bottem.

click on all pictures to make them bigger.

My cube mate Ray Schults, the top picture is Ray at the Chumley's door, the bottom picture is Ray stepping from the street into the courtyard that is for some apartments and Chumley's.

The above pages make up Chumley's Menu that  somehow I walked off with.


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