Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Invisible Man on Facebook

The Invisible Man on facebook.
I have known this family since grammar school; since I was  on a Little League team with the oldest son.  I knew the father, and the two sons.

All through high school I saw this family.  The sons were involved in sports and the father used to be in sports professional, so he had a deep interest in his sons' sports activities.  Not that I was in sports that much, except for one season on the football B-Team but I did go to a lot of sporting events, which were also high school social events, and was in several classes with the oldest brother throughout our high school years.

I was a facebook friend with the youngest.  I think facebook's  system asked one of us on behalf of the other one to be a friend because of your common friend.  I assumed he knew my name just like I knew his.  

Yesterday, he put a comment on something I wrote about the Aquatic Center saying, "Who the fxxk* is Eddie Hunter?"

Invisible again!

It is just not natural to be a facebook friend with somebody that does not even know your name of recognize you if he saw you on the street.

 Like de-boning a fish, I de-friended him.  Now things are natural again.

*replaced with "uc"


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