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Buncombe County Courthouse and Asheville City Hall

One of these buildings is the Buncombe County, North Carolina, Courthouse and the other building is the Asheville, North Carolina, City Hall.  I do not know which is which.

By the way, there was an expression "That is a lot of Buncombe!"  Which meant: "A lot of Bullshit".  The reason is that one time a senator from Buncombe County held a long running filibuster in the Senate... he talked non-stop for hours and hours about Buncombe County.

An ancestor, Daniel Killian (1752-1830), was one of the pioneers of Buncombe County.

From:  "The History of Old Buncombe County, North Carolina #415 Page 249

     Daniel Killian, born ca 1757 in Lincoln Co., N.C., was the
ninth child of pioneer Andreas Killian who arrived at Philadelphia in 1732 from Rhinish Palatinate.  There is a marker at St. Paul's Church Cemetery near Newton, N.C., that lists the twelve children of the pioneer Andreas Killian and states that he settled in North Carolina in 1747 near Newston.
     Daniel Killian married Osly Baker January 15, 1787, in Lincoln Co., N.C., with his brother Samuel Killian as bondsman.
     On January 19, 1784, Phillip Smith married Nancy Baker with Daniel Killian as bondsman.  In Bishop Francis Asbury's Journal, in which frequent mention is made of Daniel Killian from 1800 to1810, on Wednesday, October 26, 1803, in Buncombe Co., N.C., he says, "We called a meeting at Killian's...sister Killian and Sister Smith, sister is in the flesh...are both gone to their
award in glory."
     After his marriage and prior to 1790, Daniel Killian moved from Lincoln County to that part of Burke that became Buncombe County in 1791, settling on Beaver Dam Creek.  Asbury states states in October 1801 that Daniel Killian's residence near Buncombe court house.  Daniel Killian was in Burke Co. on the 1790 military census, and first entered land on Beaver Dam Creek in 1792.  He died Feburary 22 1830/6 and is buried in Asbury Memorial United Methodist Cemetery , Ashville, N.C.

From Chapter 23 of "Old Buncombe County, North Carolina:


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