Monday, September 19, 2016

Phaye and Fyllis Murner

Sisters Faye and Phyllis Murner at a Bell Reunion.  As children they used to live on Chester Street and if their parents took the Atlanta Journal I probably were there paper boy, briefly.  About a year of delivering newspapers was about all I could afford.
Faye is a volunteer for the Cobb County Humane Society.  Phyllis lives out of town in Vidalia, Georgia.
When our classmate and friend Sam Carsley died a few years ago, Faye,Anna, and I were the only ones of his friends/classmates that attended the funeral.
Which reminds me, this is the truth,  today my ipad dinged and I opened it up to see if I had a message or something - and there was a message alright, a strange message:  "Samuel Carsley is unable to talk on Facetime at the moment."  What is strange is after he died I deleted his email address.

Talk about an eerie feeling.


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