Monday, September 12, 2016

Bitch Fight In My Lap

At the dog park today a dog I have petted several times in the past recognized me and came over and greeted me and I petted.
She appeared to have enjoyed the petting and jumped up on the bench beside me and licked my face.
Willow did not like this show of affection  at all.  She stood on her hind legs and leaned forward towards the dog and growled, showing her teeth.
"GGrrrrrrrrrrrr"  Willow said.
Then the other dog that was interrupted from licking me in the face did something I have not seen a dog do before.
She reached down and hit Willow with her paw.  It looked like a human action.  She hit Willow right above her eyes.
And needless to say Willow immediately went into a pissed off mode and leaped at the dog snapping.
A  dog fight going full swing, with teeth chomping  was going on right in my lap.
It only lasted about 3 seconds.  
They both made their point.

That is the first time two bitches have ever fought over me.


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