Thursday, September 08, 2016

Fat Swan

We go to the Aquatic Center early in the mornings almost daily.   Usually, there are only one to three other people in the Open-Pool that early in the morning.  One man, about my age likes to go back and forth  the width of the pool.  I, on the other hand, like to go back and forth the length of the pool.  I first swim the the breast stroke, then I do the back stroke, then I walk the length slowly, frontwards, then backward, and then sideways.  As I walk I walk into deeper water I walk slowly because I am almost bobbing.  I was thinking of me coming up and going back down to pool's floor to touch the pavement then slowly spring back up only to repeat itself must look graceful and if you set it to classical music, like "Swan Lake", it would even look more graceful.
About that time I was getting close to the other man doing his exercise instead of running into him I halted and he motioned me on, saying; "You are doing good!"

And I replied, "I even look better under water, it looks like I am ballet-ing."  


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