Saturday, September 24, 2016

Parts of the Big Picture (Atlanta)

At an establishment in Kennesaw yesterday I sat mesmerized in front of a huge photo Mural of Atlanta, south, looking north. I think I recognized many of the buildings, such as the Federal Annex where I worked and the Richard Russell and Southern Railroad buildings next door.
I whipped out my iphone and snapped a few detailed studies, such as below:

click on each image to enlarge.

Grady Hospital

The block Scrooge McDuck vault looking building  in the foreground used to be the state archives.  I used to research genealogy  there.

On the horizon, right to left: Federal Annex (where I worked), Richard B. Russell Federal Building (where Atlanta Terminal was and where I was mugged once), and Southern Railway Building (where I was also mugged one time)..



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