Monday, April 28, 2014

Welcome to Auraria!

WELCOME TO AURARIA, GEORGIA!   Population 0 or 1:  One of the things on  my bucket list was to go to Auraria, Georgia, and take some pictures.  I heard it was ghost town now.  It is a ghost neighborhood, it doesn't have enough dwelling to even be a ghost subdivision.    There are three houses, one is sort of big and decayed which symbolized the thriving  gold mining rush that was here about 1830.  This is where gold was discovered in Georgia, and the famous saying, "Thar's Gold in them thar hills!" originated.   For years gold was mined, hydra-stripping the hills and mountains.  Up until the gold was discovered  it was all Indian land, the Cherokee and Creek Nation.  They had a contract or a treatyto that fact.  Then, some crooked Indians leaders and Georgia Political leaders voided the treaty.  The Indians carried it to the Supreme Court and was ruled in their favor.  But President Andrew Jackson ignored their decision and had the Indians forcefully removed to reservations out west, mostly in Oklahoma.  President Andrew Jackson said  Chief Justice John Marshall could enforce their decision if he could.

This little ghost neighborhood was  the start of it all:  Gold in them thar Hills and  The Trail of Tears.

The old white house with all the junk is an interesting place.  I poked around and took some pictures.  When I got fairly close to the house I could hear someone singing old type songs, like "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain When She Comes"  The music was not coming from a radio, but from someone's throat.  I heard on our visit to Dahlonega  that the Pickers visited that house recently.   It sure would have been easy pickings, all that junk out in the yard.  I think someone must live there and he doesn't like visitors.



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