Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Archie Andrews Will Die!

James Caudell called this morning.  He had just read that Archie Andrews will die.  The eternal teenager will  be snuffed.  He said he hated that, he had been an Archie fan as long as he  can remember.    I told him to look at it this way, now his Archie Comicbooks will be more valuable.

I don't think Archie comics will be more valuable effected James.  He was more concerned about losing a old friend. 

He went on to say he also always enjoyed Scrooge McDuck.   Me too!  The adventures that Scrooge, his nephew Donald, and his three grand nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie had was as good as Jack London's novels.  I think one of the main forces behind Scrooge McDuck comics was Carl Barks, who did most the story writing and illustrating, and of course Walt Disney got all the credit.
It was refreshing to hear someone talk about comics and not mention super heroes.

I was going to tell him I that I think NANCY was better than PEANUTS but he had to go.

Wait!  James and I may have jumped the gun.  Janice Grand put this on facebook:
 Hold everything! His death will only occur in the "alternated universe" of what his life would be like after high school. Archie will continue to live in the regular series set in his never-ending high school days. Whew! That was close.



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