Thursday, April 17, 2014

Computer Specks

Seven years ago I left my eye doctor.  He is a very nice guy that takes time with you.  While he is in the room with you , you are his complete focus.  Focus?  Get it?  Yuk, yuk.  Today we returned to him.  I'll call him Bruiser because that is what my late friend  Sam nicknamed him years ago. 

Bruiser's nurses gave me several types of tests.  One of the test was a depth perception test..     I was to sit with my hand on a joy-stick and press the button every time I saw a light go on and off.  I have problem with the depth perception test because I may see a light click on and off  but because I am personally  a delayed action kind of person, so I doubt if the test one a good reading if I saw the lights blink on and off or not.  Also doing the test at times test would go "BEEP BEEP! several times  When we were changing eyes the nurse asked me if I heard the beep beep, I said I did.  She asked me did I know why it was beeping.  I said, "It was fussing at me?"  She confirmed, saying my eye was supposed to be focused  on one thing, and when it wandered is when it beeped.  I thought,  "Damn, that was my ADD, so?"

Bruiser and his nurse both asked me what trouble I was having and I said it is hard for me to read the computer.   I have to take off my glasses to read the font on the computer.   Bruiser said I am near sighted and the glasses are set to make me far sighted.  So, either with the glasses on or off it is not adjusted right.  So, he gave me a prescription for computer reading only.   Years ago I  would have said, "Computer  glasses?   Are you bullshitting me?"

Wait!  I am not through talking about my day.  At the Hoboken Cafe' on Whitlock Avenue we sat at the first booth.  I could look out the window onto Whitlock Avenue.  Across the street I saw the retail Goodyear Store.  I felt a shudder go through me.

Maybe twenty to thirty  years ago, an employee  from there killed his wife, one or two of his kids and wounded one that survived - he ran from him.  They lived at apartments on Powder Springs Street across the street from Gramling Street.

I remember when that dominated the news.  I couldn't not imagine  anybody taking their own off-springs and spouses lives, no matter how bad things have become.   You never know what is going on in someone's head.  Terrible.


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