Friday, April 18, 2014

Reality Blog, Part 2

Reality Blog contindues.

I was sitting in a doctors' waiting room by myself.  Actually, I was waiting on someone that had already been called back. 

The staff behind the receptionist counter started talking, once they thought the waiting room was empty.  Naturally they did not see me.

One of the ladies were telling the other two ladies she saw a special on TV about tilapia farms.  She said they feed the tilapia fish poop.  The other two women must looked at her in disbelief.   She reaffirmed what she said, "That's right, I said POOP!

Then she said  the TV program she was watching went on to say tilapia from these farms have about as much nutrients as a small cheeseburger.     

Now,  if the security camera had known I was there, and if it zoomed up  my face it would see a scowl expression.   I LOVE TILAPIA!


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