Monday, April 14, 2014

Fred Williamson at the Varner's Reunion

At Varner and Bell Reunions pictures you see very few  Afro-Americans.  In our formative years , by law, we lived in a segregated society.  We did not know much about black or "colored" people back then.   Fred Williamsons gave us an education.  He worked at Varners.  He was not humble, he looked you in the eye as an equal when he talked to you.  He was hyper and witty.  I never heard a crossed word about Fred.  He taught us young people that hung around Varners that he was just as  good as we were, or thought we were.

Fred worked at Lockheed forever and when Varner's closed he worked part time at the Junior Varsity in Atlanta, until it closed.

Here is Fred and his lovely wife at the first Varner Reunion April 25, 2009. I don't remember seeing them last year, I hope they make it this year.


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