Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Reality Blog, part 1

Reality TV shows really draws large audiences, that is a fact.  A real reality show I think would be very boring.  Reality is not dancing around  exploding firecrackers and dodging roman cannons.   Real life is a day to day drudgery of watching our money and watching TV and your neighbors. 

Anyway, statistics show that reality programs shows  are crowd getters.  So here is my first attempt to jump on the bandwagon:
Last Wednesday when I was placing our garbage can at the street for pickup the neighbor pulled up beside me in her car and rolled down her window.  She asked me what time does the garbage normally pickup.

I told her usually before 8 A.M.

She thanked me and pulled into her driveway.

I saw by her drive were two garbage cans with garbage over flowing  onto the ground.  It looked normal for them.  I remembered that she did not use the same garbage service as we did,.  But maybe she changed services I thought.  I also thought  several times she changed her garbage service, either because they would not pick up her unorganized messed piled all over or she didn't pay the bill.

In a short time I heard the roar of a big motor and the whining of hydraulics.   A garbage truck was out front.  I ran to the window and I saw a man moving our garbage can back to the edge of the yard, hopped on the back of the truck and they drove on.
The neighbor's garbage was still there, hanging out of cans and on the ground.  At least it appeared they were all in bags.  I think it took them a while to conform to putting their garbage in bags.
I thought she thought signed up with the garbage company I use or she was considering it.

The next morning I noticed all her garbage was gone and the cans were still standing there.  Who took it I do not know.

I wonder why she asked me about the time of our garbage sercice?

So, that was my first fast paced, energized reality blog.  I hope your heart  withstood the excitement. .


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