Saturday, April 19, 2014

Reality Blog #3

We had something happen to us today that we haven't experienced in a long time.    We were  approached in a dark area of someone asking for money.  We were in a dark parking lot of a medical facility.  the parking area is under the building , and no one was around. 

A young lady walked up to us and told us a sad story about just discovering she lost her debit cart and she was  now penniless.    She and her daughter had to get home to McDonough  but her boyfriend was working in Ellijay.    I think she could go  on and on if she had to be more convincing.  From our hearts we gave her money.  We felt, you never know, maybe she really telling the truth.   I was feeling for her and at the same moment preparing myself in case she pulled out a gun.  When we gave her the money she thanked us and said with this she had enough money to buy gas to get back home.   

 I didn't see her daughter, I suppose she was sitting in a car.  After she thanked us and told us now she had enough money, as we were getting in our car we saw her approach a woman getting in her car.  Apparently, she had second thoughts about that being enough money.   But, I feel we helped someone in need, and hopefully we will never find ourselves in the same situation as the young lady.

Vagabond Another Time:

The  last time, before today, someone approached  me for money was about a dozen or so years ago.  Then, many times on Sunday mornings I drove to downtown Marietta, parked my car in front of the Cobb County Government buildings on  East Park Square and run.  I would run all around the area, maybe one or two miles in all four directions.  I was in my hometown innards, where I had  freedom like a free-range chicken since I was about 5 years old.  I was in my comfort zone.    Once when I returned to my car a heavy set man approached  me and wanted to know if I had a dollar or two so he could eat some breakfast, he just hitchhiked in from Cartersville, Georgia.  I flatly told him no and got into my car and drove away.  I was not afraid, it was out in the open.

About two weeks later, again, I was downtown running, and when I returned to the car the same heavy set man approached me and told me the same story about just coming into town form  Cartersville, Georgia, and needed a couple of bucks for breakfast.  I told him that is what he said  two weeks ago.  It took him off guard and he was cursing me when I got in my car. 

And it wasn't  even Ground Hog Day.


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