Monday, April 21, 2014

Reality Blog #4, Adam to the Rescue

A few weeks ago I downloaded the program GIMP, which is supposed to be a free version of PHOTOSHOP. 

As I was downloading it the system asked me was OK to let things be downloaded into my computer.  I thought I was OKing GIMP stuff, so clicked my permission.  It opened up a wide corridor or passageway of  cheap ads.

After  that, each time I went on line cheap ads or SPAM took over my screen.  Sometimes I could X them out and sometimes when I Xed them out  it would also cancel out the on-line program I requested.  It was very counter-productive.

I  wonder how much the people of the ads paid to get their advertisements unsolicited invading computers.  I cannot imagine   anybody actually being inspired to do any kind of business with these ads.

Yesterday, my son Adam and his girlfriend Savvy were over for Easter Dinner.  I put Adam to work,  earning his meal, so to speak,  to correct the SPAM invasion problem.  Adam is an electronic expert.  He quickly solved my problems.  I really appreciated what he did to save my butt again.

Now, I wonder how long it will be until I get myself into another electronic mess? 


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