Monday, April 07, 2014

Vince and Rocco's Chili

I have told this before on this blog, so if you heard it you may leave.

The other day, as I mentioned on Facebook we had lunch at Rocco's Pub in Marietta.  We both had their award winning chili.   That is what a sign says there, "AWARD WINNING CHILI".

I think their chili is very good.  As I slurped it I wondered if my old co-worker Vince Desantes had anything to do with the recipe.    Vince retired from the Marines and he was also the exact age I am.  We were born on the same date.  I worked with Vince as a postal clerk sorting mail and also on the window.

Vince had a way of being the "straw boss."  He also had a way of rubbing elbows with the important people.  As a window clerk he could spot an elected official across the room and maneuvered  to be able to wait on the VIPs, elected or appointed. 

Vince was single.  He started hanging out at Chili's Pub.  Soon he was in their chili cook-off team and they traveled all over the Southeast (including Texas) in chili competitions.    He was proud of his chili efforts

There are many things I am leaving out to keep the story from going in a different direction.

Vince   was the relief clerk for our post office branch business reply clerk.   Somehow,  handling the business reply mail only one day a week embezzled thousands of dollars.

The Postal inspectors investigated and found through clues that he was the one taking the money from the business reply accounts.  They was going to arrest him a certain Saturday morning  while he was doing the relief job.  Guess what?  He did not show up for work.

Later that morning the police found him parked inside  his car, with a gunshot in his head, clutching a gun in one hand and rosary beads in the other hand.   With his wallet beside him.  Of course he was dead.

Or is he?

How come he withdrew all his money out of the bank's ATM only about an hour before he was killed and where did the money go?  Also, the body description did not match his body description.  Vince was a wiry person, not weighing over 150 pounds.  The body clutching the gun and rosary beads weighed much more.

I don't think we will ever know.


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