Monday, April 14, 2014


We watched AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY video the other day.  It is about an extended family of two aging sisters, their husbands,  and grown children.  It takes place in Osage County, Oklahoma; prairie county.  The husband of one of the sisters first is missing and they find his body.  Not many kind words are spoken in the movie, there are no love lost, I don't think, between any of them except two that  are secretly having an affair, and even then it in incest.  It was originally a play, now a movie.   As events unfold and people tell what is really on their mind you can understand how it has the makings for a play:  A Tennessee Williams gut-wrenching , let no stone be unturned kind of play.  Depressing story but  good acting, in my opinion.
The movie was directed by John Wells and written by Tracy Letts.

Starring Meryl Street, Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper, Wean McGregor, Margo Martindale, and Sam Shepard. 



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