Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Odd Looking Pair of Gloves

Many mornings I return home from my exercise before daybreak.    A few mornings ago when I returned and took off my gloves I  saw I had a wool glove for my right hand and a work glover for my left hand.   Common sense told me some place in the house was another pair, a mirrored complement to the pair that I had just taken off.  For  I looked through all my coats and jackets and that odd looking pair of glovers was not there.   I looked  in drawers and on a "catch all" table, still no luck, and throughout our basement .  Nix.  This morning while out in the dark it hit me the one place I did not look was my truck.  when I returned home I had forgot my revelation and continued with my  regular routine.   Then, just  before we left to take care of the our income tax business I remembered again and looked in the truck.... on the console along with a few coins was my other odd-looking pair of gloves.  I can sleep tonight.


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