Saturday, April 12, 2014

Eating Animals

We watched the movie AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY.   Which I will get around reviewing one of these days.    A  conversation in the movie stirred my interest and gave me thing to wonder about:  While eating dinner the teenager girl at the table was asked by her extended family why she didn't meat, was a health thing or a religious thing.  She answered that she did not want to taste death.  She said when an animal is slaughtered for our eating enjoyment a second or so before the moment of death the animal likely knows it is about to die and releases several kinds of chemicals and  adrenalin.   I don't think she said but implied at the moment of death the animal's meat is suddenly marinated.  Adrenalin is a released into an animal to increase its heart rate to relax him and makes it accept  its own certain on coming death.... or that is my take on it.   Which of course can't help your own heart, if it is eating marinated meat that is pumping up your heart and relaxes you.  If you eat meat day after day you are just super marinating yourself for your moment of truth......maybe.

Which brings up another point about slaughtering innocent animals for food:  In slaughterhouses, the slaughter specialists, the ones that actually snuffs the lives out of the poor creatures - have a very high turnover rate.    Their nerves cannot take it very long.  

Now that we are talking about not eating meats for humane reasons, here is something  interesting in history.  One  well known world leader was a vegetarian for humane reasons.  He felt animals are cute cuddly and could not bear eating the lovable creatures of God.  His name, Adolph Hitler.

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