Thursday, April 10, 2014

Leonidas Polk was born this date in 1806

On this date, April 10, 1806, Leonidas Lafayette  Polk was born.   He became  Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana.   He also became a general in the Confederate Army and was killed, near Marietta, on Pine Mountain, June 14, 1864.

The details of his death is interesting, but gruesome.  General Sherman was  at a highpoint in Kennesaw, or Big Shanty, surveying the area through his telescope saw a group of the CSA on Pine Mountain.  Sherman instructed his cannoneers close by to fire a cannon ball near them to scatter the Confederates.  They did, and most the men scattered for covered.  But one didn't.  Sherman ordered to lob another ball closer.  Which they did.  The cannon ball hit Polk squarely in the chest.  It was a horrible site.

Not that it matters but Leondias Polk was second cousin to President  James K. Polk.

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