Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Angry Cyst/Reality Blog

Angry Duck

I have been sick since Saturday night with some kind of virus.  

Today I feel a little better.  Good enough to keep my doctor's appointment for having a cyst removed.   The doctor, preparing for the procedure,  feeling around the cyst said it was angry.   Which translates to be "it is infected."  He gave me a local pain killer and dug in.    Later, as pus erupted out he told me the pus was angry.   He couldn't get all the cyst out because it was too infected, I mean angry.  After the hole he dug today heals over and the angry goes away, he will need to go back in and finish removing the cyst.   I suppose if he said the infection was pissed-off, it would mean the same thing wouldn't it?



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