Friday, June 15, 2007

Excercise On My Bike

Sometimes I have to knock something around in my mind before I write it which might take days. Doesn’t my mind know I have a deadline?

Thursday instead of running and walking I chose biking as my exercise for the day. I rode a little over ten miles and one hour and 14 minutes. You might say, Hah! I can do a mile in less time than that. If you can, then you are not invited. Only I am allowed to win this race.

I rode down Sandy Plains Road which I picked up a half mile from my house. At the railroad tracks I turned around. My odometer said 4.25 miles. Late at night I can hear the train, which is that far away. Amazing how sound travels – especially when you don’t want it to.

You might ask, if it was 4.25 miles to the tracks shouldn’t it be 4.25 miles back, which will be only 8.5 miles instead of 10? Well yes, if you did question that you are right. On the way back I took two detours to ride through new sub divisions.

On Sandy Plains Road there is a dog care complex. It has a dog-day-car with a big fenced-in area with all kinds of colorful tunnels and inclines for the dogs to romp and play in. The only thing about that is dogs don’t always have good rapport between themselves and fights break out. Bloody fights. As I rode by I saw two vicious days trying to rip out each other’s jugular vein with a smiling Mexican man trying to pull them away from each other. I think blood spilling on the doggie playground would be a bad advertisement… that is while he was smiling. At least with him smiling it would show some happiness about it.

On the way back near Sprayberry High School ahead of me I saw two women walking rather large black dogs. As I got closer behind them I saw that the two women were very tall women, like their dogs. The two giant black dogs from ten or fifteen behind looked like Weimaraners. I pedaled along side the four walkers, said good morning and told them their dogs were beautiful and asked them were the dogs “Weims” (I don’t attempt to make a fool of myself and try to pronounce the real name).

One of the women said, “No, they are Giant Schauzers.”

About that time I got a better look at the two tall women. They had the same facial resemblance; the same curved lip, the same type of nose. I thought to myself: Twins!

And I also thought two giant twins. And they are walking two giant twin dogs as well!

They looked in their late 30s or early 40s. They were probably two singles twins who never married and now own a house together.

I continued my conversation. “I bet they don’t shed. My wife and I are considering a Schnauzer as a pet, we read they don’t shed very much.”

One of the human twins said, “Well, these shed a lot! They shed all over the place!”

I said, “We used to have a miniature – Schatzi – I don’t remember her shedding.”

And the same human twin said, “Well, these sure do!”

I was tempted to say, “Are you sure you two weren’t the ones shedding?” Then rear up my bike front wheel like Roy and Trigger might do, then ring my bell on the handlebars and speed off. But I didn’t.



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