Saturday, June 16, 2007

Burningtown Baptist Church

This is Burningtown Baptist Church, Macon County, North Carolina, near Franklin. Behind it is the cemetery. My great g-grand parents John Ray (1813-1903) and Nancy Sumner Ray (1817-bef 1895) are buried there in an unmarked grave.

Cecil Baldwin is a distant relative. He was a bachelor who lived a long life. He lived in our ancestors John and Nancy Ray until he died. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of years before he passed. He was a very friendly youthful-looking old man.

Cecil Baldwin's parents.

Posey C. Wild was a good friend of my great-grand father William A. Hunter. They fought in the Civil War side by side. Posey was served his time as commissioned officer but were still friends with William. He is the one who was with William when he got shot on Kennesaw Mountain and later wrote and signed a statement that he fought with him in the war.

Posey had a large interesting family that I keep stumbling over while researching the Rays of the community. He was a justice of the peace for the community and once he swore out a warrant for a number of young men for raping his mentally challenged daughter.

These are some Rays buried in this cemetery but I am still working on their connection. I know they existed, because here are the leftovers, so to speak.

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