Monday, June 04, 2007

Southern Muse

Earlier today I mentioned D. K. P. and her website Southern Muse. I did not say enough about it. And also, as an oversight I had not listed the Southern Muse Link on the right as a favorite – which, if you look over to the right now and maybe scroll hopefully you should see it.

If you are a curious about the South or if you enjoy to read about Southern things and ways, Southern Muse has just about everything you want. Folk Art? It is on Southern Muse. She has an insightful article on Howard Finster plus she has her own art on display too – which is good.

She has links to and articles about many things – but mostly, they stir your Southern interest. All her links and articles which sort of are piled onto each other in its own way, has a Howard Finster flavor about them.

She has also some historical articles she puts on that come and go. I remember reading a year or so on Southern Muse an article about Indian Trail markings (bent trees, etc).

In her own words about her baby Southern Muse:
Southern Muse is the website of the artist, D.K. Pritchett. It's main purpose is to exhibit the work of the artist, to promote the appreciation of fine art, literature and history, and to provide an editorial platform for the voice and vision of the artist and author. The muse celebrates beauty, joy, humor, irony and mystery. My website includes genealogy, history, southern living (with an emphasis on North Georgia) and some selected links. Please explore Southern Muse, enjoy my website, and tell everyone about it. Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

I emailed her this morning and told her I was going to use her I was going to use her name and webpage name she wrote me back and told me yesterday she was having a family get-together and her sister seemed to have flipped out, pointing at the window D.K. was sitting in front of. She turned around and a bear’s face was framed by the window’s frame. He was looking for water, which it found in a rain bucket. It gurgled it up and went on its way.

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