Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Few Loose Ends

Last night a friend called to tell me another friend Ed who now lives in Quitman Georgia (south Georgia) had a heart attack that same day. He was put in the Thomasville Hospital and the doctor put a stent in. The doctor said after he stabilize he might go back in and put in another stent.

We were trying to figure out when Ed had his other heart-attack. It was easy to just about pin-point what era of his life he was in when he had his first heart attack. Was it with before Sue (1st wife) or after Sue? After. Was it before Judy or during Judy (2nd wife)? Judy is a nurse and recognized that he needed immediate medical attention. Was it before he retired or after he retired? We the jury are still out on that last question.

Today Anna and I went to arts and crafts festival in Powder Springs, Georgia, that was ten times or more bigger than the one we went to in Burnsville, North Carolina, and it was only about ten miles away.

Then we went to the Marietta History Museum. We drop by there a couple times a year to see what is new. Or what is old that is new…. Anyway. We bought a few things in their gift shop and I got a free brochure on the Dixie Highway which I plan on doing a blog posting on in the near future.

The building the Marietta History Museum is in the Kennesaw House in downtown Marietta. During the Civil War Andrew’s Raiders spent the night in the Kennesaw House in 1863 and stole The General locomotive the next day in Kennesaw, Georgia, about 7 miles away. That was “The Great Locomotive Chase” – and Disney figured out how to make a buck out of it. One year later in 1864 the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain was going on… about this exact time of the year, the first week of June. Sherman led the forces and ordered the Cobb County Courthouse and other buildings and homes burned. The 4th floor of the Kennesaw House was burned. Sherman spared the rest of the Kennesaw House because the owner was a Mason.

However, some in this area still remember Sherman burning the town. So, when we went to the Marietta Museum at the Kennesaw House today, I had to pee. In the men’s rest room, above the urinal, while you do your business, you are looking at a picture of Sherman and he is looking at you. A picture of Sherman is hanging up over each urinal.

Back in downtown Marietta Anna went into a card shop and I was in the car in front when a woman and her 3 or 4 kids came by. The kids banged on the big store window and pressed against it. The proprietor of the store ran out and chewed out the kids, saying she was going to let them wash her windows if they kept that up. The mother looked in a daze.

Then a little later we went to a Mexican restaurant and after the meal I went to the cash register to pay. The elderly Mexican man glanced at me and said some kind of greeting and by mistake I said “Good morning!”

He took a second look at me. I paid him along with a coupon. He gave me change and kept looking at me.

On the way to the car I told Anna the old Mexican man doing a double look at me when I said, “Good morning.”.

She looked up at me and broke out laughing. I had red sauce all over my cheeks. He probably was studying my face wondering if he should or shouldn’t tell me I looked like a pig.

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