Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yesterday, while out shopping we went by a store that specializes in beads and stuff. You can have necklaces made to suit your own taste with many items to choose from. As I was walking around poking around looking while Anna was dealing with a salesperson I saw that this was an old warehouse at one time. High ceiling, big fans up high, and in big heavy metal pipes and things. The sales person did not look over 20 years old. She was also very timid – not outgoing at all. The other girl there was more busy smooching with her boyfriend than actually working. And their was an older female there, that I think was the owner who seemed to hover near us to make sure the young lady dealing with us was doing fine. She must have because the older lady did not barge over and take charge. Then, I figured the two girls were the daughters of the owner.

In a short time the sales girl / daughter warmed up. I like to see people we deal with happy, not depressed.

I noticed on a long table in the back were three or four women taking a class of making their own necklaces. I saw one of them had a pattern board of some kind and going by when placing her links. They have classes to make your own that they charge a fee then at the class you have to buy material’s don’t you? It is a win-win situation, for them anyway.

It is a warehouse and it is behind the bowling alley. I asked the girl helping Anna did Nun-Better Cabinet Shop used to be there? She said yes, they have been there for nine years. She said the Nun Complex was there before they were.

Nun-Better Cabinets or the Nun-Complex, as she said, was owned by Barney Nun, a very religious man. He also monetarily backed my father when he ran for public office. Buna Walker ran for sheriff and Daddy ran as his chief Deputy. They lost.

We also went to Aldi Groceries. I may be misspelling Aldi – I am not sure. It is a grocery store chain based in Germany that seems to be opening every where. Things are normally very cheap there. But they don’t have sacks, they don’t accept checks or credit cards.

You also have to pay a quarter deposit to get a shopping cart. The carts have a little thing on them and first you have to insert a quarter in the thing to release it from the group of carts it is in. When you return the cart to the same group, when you push your cart to fit it in the next cart it pushes your quarter out.

When we arrived at Aldi’s an Asian lady in the parking lot was just putting the last item out of the cart into the car when I thought I would save her some steps and I offered her a quarter for her cart. She took it.

When we left and I emptied the cart another Asian lady appeared and asked me if she could take my cart and save me some steps. I said sure, but you will have to pay me a quarter.

She looked puzzled. I think she was thinking she was offering the man a favor saving him some steps and he wants to charge me a quarter for my good deed? I quickly showed her the edge of the quarter and told her it will come out when she placed it in the cart stack. She caught on very quickly, and said that was a very idea – they didn’t have to pay someone to go out and pick up carts in the parking lot.

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Blogger kenju said...

We have Aldi stores here, but I have only been to them once or twice. I really should check them more often, because their ads always show interesting gadgets. The one in today's paper shows pools and deck stuff. I have never been interested in beading, but we have stores like that one too.

6:36 AM  
Blogger ET said...

We bought cantlelopes (?) yesterday at a cheap rice and squash for about half what we would pay at a regular supermarket, and some other things as well. I am not too sure about their off-brand cheap stuff.

7:05 AM  

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