Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Glover's Tannery Tower

Another Vanishing Georgia picture. The description tells it is a tower of Glover’s Tannery. It seems the Glovers had their hands on every operation in Marietta. This tower was on the south side of Marietta. There was another Glover’s Tannery north of Marietta near the foot of Kennesaw Mountain. The ruins are still standing (barely).

Back to the Tannery Tower. The tower was still standing in my youth and not that far away from where we lived. It was very close to a railroad yard, bordered by the railroad on one side and Glover Street on the other. It was also a place the local drinkers gathered and drunk from their brown paper bags. The railroad tracks were on a raised hump of earth. I remember more than once playing on the railroad tracks and seeing the drunk’s having their “happy hour” at the foot of the tower.

Marietta was a dry county back then and these men mostly drunk moonshine. So they had their “Secret Laughing Place” as Brer’ Rabbit might have called it.

It was my Briar Patch – I was afraid to get near them.



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