Friday, June 15, 2007

Fumbling Friday

Above- Plenty of bed scenes in KNOCKED UP.

Today we did some shopping and running around. We had lunch at a new Cajun restaurant here in town. It just wasn’t good. It was served by a fumbling waiter and the Cajun wasn’t Cajun enough. The Diet Coke was watered down. The only thing closely related to New Orleans was the folk art mural – well, also they played a Fats Domino CD too.

Afterwards we went up to the other side of the new strip shopping center to a semi-new restaurant by the name of Gabriels’. The restaurant is a bakery/sandwich shop that moved itself up a block on the street and upgraded itself from just a bakery. The owner is a very pleasant kind looking lady that looks so laid back I don’t see how she would let anything upset her.

One time she told us she is from Albany, Georgia. If you watch the food channel you probably know Paul Dean lives in Savannah, Georgia. However, Paula was born in Albany. Paula and the owner of Gabriel’s are first cousins.

The new Gabriel’s is big and while we were there crowded. While we were there we saw the owner in a glass office talking to three business people – everybody in the office was all smiles. The business people left and some older lady stuck her head in her office evidently to say “Hi!” and the owner got up and gave her a big hug. We had a small dessert and went on our way, vowing to return for a lunch sometime soon.

Next to went to multi AMC Cinema complex to see the movie “Knocked Up”. Which, we thought was very good and warm…. Also there are several crying moments – not sad crying but crying because you are enthused – overcome with joy.

Before we went into the theater that was playing “Knocked Up” we stopped to buy a Diet Coke. The counter is long with many stations. But only two stations, next to each other were opened. We had to wait a bunch of minutes to get our Diet Coke. After we paid and got it and got our change back we moved up three or four stations to an area not being used and Anna put her gift certificate back into her purse. While she was straightening that our, a family came and got in a line behind us. They thought we were being waited on. I tried to tell them nobody was working there but I don’t think they were listening to me.

I was hoping we might see a little action. Last week at this same theater a man came in with a gun and held up one of the servers at one of the stations. He took the money and ran down one of the halls with theaters. The Kennesaw police were called and they came quickly. They evacuated the theater and checked it looking behind each seat, looking for the robber. They didn’t catch him.

I wonder if they considered that maybe, just maybe, when they told everybody to leave evacuate the theaters at once, the robber left with everybody else?

Do you just suppose they helped the robber make his get-away in a round about way?

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Blogger kenju said...

It's possible. So you liked "Knocked Up?"

7:51 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Yes, I thought "Knocked Up" was enjoyable and funny... and it brought a bunch of diverse people together.

8:27 PM  

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