Monday, June 25, 2007

Calvary Baptist Church.

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The above are my grandparents William Elijah Joseph and Frances Viola Ridley Petty. Elijah died before a came along, but I knew ‘Ola very well. She was a very wise woman who raised her children practically single handed.

Calvary Baptist Church is in the Crandall Community of Murray County, Georgia. My mother grew up in this area and she either was related to or knew every family in the area I think.

Terry Mason lived in Marietta. Terry's mother’s maiden name is Petty. Terry's mother's father was my mother’s first cousin. Terry died as a teenager. I do not know the story of why he died but I know it was tragic.

These are my great grandparents Daniel Webster and Jane Garrett Petty. Daniel fought in the Civil War, and while there came down with piles, which he suffered with the rest of his life.

Stanley Petty was my mother’s first cousin. He moved to Detroit when he was old enough to work and lived there until he retired.

Marcus Petty is another tragic death of a young Petty boy. He fell off a riding lawnmower. His tombstone and his first cousin Terry Mason’s tombstones are beautiful black marble with what must be a laser art.

This is my grandfather William Elijah Joseph Petty’s three unmarried siblings. They lived in the Old Homplace, a big two-storied country house, together until age separated them. One sister died and one sister broke her hip and was put in a nursing home. Wesley, the brother, was in the house when it burned down.

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