Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fort Clinch State Park

Once you enter Fort Clinch State Park there are five miles of mostly wild-life kind of park you drive through to get to the fort.

As one picture above attempts to show, much of the road is covered with canopy type trees that meet overhead as you drive.

And off the road in area is a huge marsh area. On the other side of the marsh is a lighthouse., which you can see if you really want try.

We were curious about the lighthouse and wanted to get a closer view of it so after we were finished with the park we went looking for it. We found it on the edge of a typical subdivision, behind a regular type house. "Keep Out" and "Private Property" signs were posted. You could see the light house tower with a chain link fence around it. I guess we could have got aggressive and got closer, but we saw no need.

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