Friday, May 19, 2006

Another Friday

Today as most Fridays, Anna was off and we gallivanted all day. Today we went to Pike Nursery and focused on buying various colorful flowers for two big pots in the front.

At Pike Nursery I was somewhat amazed at the help. There were three or four women with Pike Uniform Shirts on and khaki shorts. These women had tanned muscular shapely legs.

They all had kind gentle faces with some miles. I bet all of them were grandmothers. They knew their plants and were eager to share their knowledge. And, they were very energetic. They struck me as some kind of brigade.

I think if they kept the same clothes on and put on a mask, so I wouldn't see their faces and one of them pointed at me and said, "Get him!" I would do my best to out run them, because I would fear for my life.

After we bought flowers and 6 rectangles of sod and had lunch we stopped my mother-in-law's because she bought a water filter for her refrigerator and couldn't figure how to install it. So, I did it with no problem. I even had it in before she found the directions on how to do put in the water filter.

Then she told us her gas clothes dryer was out of order. She is very organized and puled out the file of al the repairs she had done to it. It all added up to over what a new dryer would cost. The biggest thing that seemed to go wrong with it in the past is the igniter would have to be replaced. So, she was tired of throwing good money after bad, so to speak.

So, we left my truck full of flowers in the back at her house and took her in her hoggish Lincoln to Brandsmart. In just an hour of so we had her a new G.E. gas dryer picked out and they will deliver and install it Monday or Tuesday. We were telling her she should get electric then you wouldn't have to worry about the igniter mechanism. But, as it turned out, to get an electric dryer she would have to have a plug-in rewired in the basement to accommodate a three or four prong socket heavy duty electric plug. So, a gas dryer it will be.

My biggest question I kept to myself was our sales person a man or a woman. I am pretty sure it was a woman that like to dress like a man.

So, when we got back she mentioned she had a washing machine full of wet clothes to hang on her clothes line in the basement. Anna I went down and hung up the clothes. As we were hanging up the clothes, Anna said, "With a new dryer Mom will think she is in high cotton." And the same time she said that, I was hanging my mother-in-law cotton drawers on the line.

All's well that ends well.

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Blogger Bird said...

Sounds like you are a handy guy to have around!
Don't you find digging around in the dirt to be therapeutic?

6:37 PM  
Blogger ET said...

As long as I can come up for air.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have always wanted to do a flowerbed, but never seem to get around to it, or have the dough....

12:57 AM  
Blogger ET said...

We bought two big huge pots, maybe 3 feet high and 2' to 2.5' in diameter that we had fairly good luck with one of them last year. The other one was a flop. I think the reason being that I did not drill holes in the bottom of the bad one.

3:40 AM  

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