Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Edgar Bell & family

This some of Anna's distant kin-folks. If you look at this site often all three have had their pictures on here before.

The kid, Charles Loy was the kid with the wagon and goat.

The father Edgar lived 1884-1932 living only 47 years and the mother Sophis lived 1886 - 1965, which is 78 years. Little Charles Loy lived 1909-1964, 54 years.

I didn't notice until I put this down here but Sophie outlived her son by one year.



Blogger Nea said...

Parents should not outlive their children. It should be a law.

Years ago I went regularly to visit my Grandma in the rest home, after about five years she had pretty well lost her mind, (I think being in the rest home did it), so when I would visit we spent most of our time repeating the same two sentences, where do you live now, I live in Upper Lake, Grandma. Anyway, once when I went to visit, I was stopped by a little black lady who wanted to talk. She saw me there and invited me over, and I spent the next three hours with her. She told me all about her husband and her seven children. She had outlived them all. She told me that she really wished that she could die, that the saddest thing in the world was to outlive all of your children. I think I had to agree with her. Your children are the future, what future is there if you are the last of your family to be alive. I will never forget her, but I felt so guilty spending so much time with her and not my grandma. But she was a lot more interesting. Another law....never put anyone in a rest home that haven't already lost their mind, it just isn't fair.

8:59 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I agree.
My father-ih-law outlived his three sons. I know he was very miserable after the first two deaths.
But in this case, Alztimers (?) was his friend. When his 3rd son died I'm not sure he was aware of it, or anything else.

3:28 AM  

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