Monday, May 15, 2006


This is Barbara, Anna's late aunt-in-law. She is the one on the car's right fender. Also, that is her all dolled up.

She was born in Boston. Her family moved to Marietta, for whatever reason when Barbara was a teenager. She married Anna's uncle Paul. They had no children.

They spent a lot of time at the Elks Club. Any kind of charitable or social function the Elks Club did, you can bet they were at the heart of it.

Barbara smoked most of her adult life. In the last segment of her life food did not have any taste, so she more or less wasted away. I think possibly the nicotine scorched her taste buds. She had to drink some kind of protein-vitamin drink to survive.

I like the picture of her on the car hood. It has a little bit of "Rebel Without a Cause" waiting-on-the-drag-race-to-start look to it.

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Blogger Steve said...

I think just about everyone smoked in those days.....

2:06 PM  

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