Friday, May 20, 2016

Upgrade to Windows 10 a Step Backwards

For weeks Microsoft has been saying they were going to upload Windows 10 to my system.  They did not ask me if I wanted it or not, I was getting it.
I was concerned because I knew updating  something never has had a good outcome with me.  Either the update broke my system, or misplaced everything that I had to relearn everything, or whatever.  I know every update I have been through was counterproductive relearning and fixing.
I got a notice they would upload the upgrade last Friday at 9am. 
I wrote a post on my blog and my facebook page with my concerns.  Several people wrote said theirs were updated too and it was a pain in the ass.  It took them a while to fix everything the update messed up.
However, other people said it was no problem at all and some even liked Windows 10 better.
I cannot see why they want to fix something that is not broken.  I was very happy with my present set-up.
I considered cutting off my computer for a few days but didn't.
Friday morning at 9am came and nothing happened.  And the next day nothing happened, or the next!
Hotdog!  I thought somehow the computer electrodes somehow misplaced my name.  I know that happens a lot with me and humans, suddenly I become invisible, so maybe the same happens with the electronic world, overlooking me.... I have been overlooked before!  There was hope!
Then Wednesday morning when I sat with a cup of coffee and the computer there was Windows 10.
Surprisingly, everything that I had was still there and nothing was added to confuse me.  I still had Word and Ex-Cell, my genealogy programs, the sites I go to regularly was still available, the system still had my passwords so I didn't have to scrounge around looking for them. 
There were only two problems:  My printer was not connected by radio waves to its four or five gadgets and my Virtual Pool Shark software game would not work.  With only about 5 minutes of adjusting we got the printer/scanner back working but we still cannot get the Pool game to play, which I enjoyed at least one time each day.
So, I can do the exact things I could before Windows 10 joined us except play pool.
I think that is a step backwards.


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