Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chicken-fat's view on MONEY MONSTER

The above is the projector room in a multiplex theater.  Those two consoles via computers control 14 movies at once.  No manpower needed.

Today we saw the movie MONEY MONSTER directed by Jodie Foster starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Caitriona Balfe*, and others.

Caitriona Balfe* is the starlet of the TV cable series *OUTLANDER (a time traveler in Scotland's history).

MONEY MONSTER is about a TV news/business analysis star (George Clooney) who tells the latest daily business news in his own charming way of singing, dancing, blowing horns, and surprised popup visuals.  He is an ego maniac and full of himself... actually, the two are just about the same.
The plot opens in the studio as Clooney gives his ra-ma-tazz dog and pony financial show.  A stranger suddenly comes on the scene with a gun in his hand.  He makes Clooney put on a suicide bomb jacket and he holds the detonator. 
The guy, a $14/hour truck driver just lost his inheritance because he put it all in an investment company.  The company invested by programmed trading... it was untouched by human hands.  The computer analyzes what is going up and down and automatically buys low and sells high.  But it took something like an 8 million dip and a lot of people lost their investments.  He wanted answers.  He centered on Clooney because he recommended the stock. 
 The  company blamed it on a "glitch" in the program.   But was it?

Nobody can define the word "glitch" 

Or does "glitch" mean a human being covering up something?

Go see for yourself and see.

It is a good movie.  No doubt it was made by Hollywood formulas but it keeps you on edge as you watch it, it is entertaining, and it hints how crooked Wall Street investors can be and how helpless we are.



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