Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Barn near Franklin, North Carolina

The year before last after leaving a Ray Family Reunion in the Burningtown Community, near Franklin, North Carolina, this barn struck me as big, pretty, solid, and standing out like a sore thumb.

Speaking of farms in this rural community, at the Ray Family Reunion a young lady somehow mentioned her and her family raised hogs and they just finished slaughtering about a dozen.

I asked, "As you raised them you didn't give them names did you?"

She smile, nodded, and said, they certainly did.

I asked how could they kill animals with names.

She said easily, they paid a hog killer to come over to the farm and he did it.  He walked around in the pig yard and took his time and shot with a pistol each one between the eyes.

She imitated the way the pistol kicked upward each time and saying, "POW!"

I blew my finger like I was blowing away the smoke.


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