Monday, May 23, 2016

Elijah W. Petty and His Two Lizzie Pettys

Elijah W. Petty (1858-1927).  Elijah is first cousin, twice removed, to me and my Petty first cousins.  He is the son of William D. Petty (1834-1917) and Jane "Lizzie" Harris Petty(1841-1899).  William is brother to our great grandfather Daniel Webster Petty (1843-1913).
Brothers William and Daniel Petty were born in North Carolina, spent their formative years and married in Fannin County, Georgia.  They both fought for the CSA in the Civil War. 
Years after the war they both moved on the other side of Fort Mountain, in Murray County, Georgia.
Back to Elijah W. Petty:  Elijah secondly married Annie E. (1872-1927). and they had one daughter, Lee Petty .  He first married Eliza Jane "Lizzie" Lackey (1858-1899).  They apparently had one son: Edward Harlan Petty.

Interesting Elijah's first wife was nicknamed "Lizzie" and his mother was also  nicknamed "Lizzie".  There were two Lizzie Pettys in the hills of Murray County, Georgia.  



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