Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tim Burton Character Wandering Around

Late this afternoon I took my bike up to the Noonday Creek Trail near Woodstock and road a couple of miles.  On the trail I saw various people doing various exercises: walking, running, biking, walking in groups and so on.  I measured the trail today from the woof park parking lot to Hwy 92 it is 1.01 miles, just in case if you are interested.

On one long stretch of pavement I saw only person way ahead  walking towards me.  As he got closer I saw he was a very tall and very skinny old man.  Closer I saw he had a beard.  Closer I saw he was covered with tattoos.  His arms, neck, and forehead were covered with so many tattoos his skin looked blue-purple.

I turned around when the trail reached Highway 92.  I forgot about the tall skinny old tattooed man until up ahead I saw a huge stick figure on the side of the trail in some grass doing jumping jacks.

What a scene!  He looked like a typical Tim Burton animated character.  If only he had a top hat on he would fit the bill. He kept doing long and high jumping jacks.  He jumped jacked back on the pavement.   He looked like a extended stick man jumping.

Now, he was in my way.  I rung my Pee-Wee Herman bike ringer and hollered, "ON YOUR LEFT!"

He did not move to get out of my way.

I cut through the grass on the left side as I passed him, I said, "COMING THROUGH!"  And looked over at him.  He made no sign of responding to my warning.  His eyes were glazed.

And he had on earphones, of course he couldn't hear me.

There is no other explanation,  he was straight off Tim Burton's draft table. 


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