Friday, May 06, 2016

Nice Comment About a Chicken-Fat article

On this blog for various reasons I decided not to have comments.  To me, normally comments are mostly more trouble than they are worth.

But there are exceptions!

Here is an email I received the other day concerning one of the articles I wrote about song writer, singer, and editor to Atlanta's GREAT SPECKLED BIRD newspaper:

Hello Eddie

I grew up in atlanta in the 60/70s
i have a copy of the gsb where Ernie Marrs wrote a piece praising my dad for being such a fair and nice police officer in the city of atlanta...he worked the 14th peachtree st area alot and they walked "foot beats" back in that day.
circa certainly was known for its "hippies"

the paper is still in decent shape

my dad is Thomas Simpson Townsend and joined the force in 1958

he will be eighty years old in july and spent almost 40 yrs in law enforcement 

signed by Gerald.


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