Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Uncle Fester in the Postal Line

I had some business with the post office yesterday.  Afterwards, leaving I left the room with the counter clerks through the outer room that has the PO Boxes and a computer-postal clerk that can sell stamps, weigh your packages and mail them (using your credit card of course).  There is always two or three people in line at the computer-Postal Clerk.  Yesterday was no exception. 

There was scantily clad lady weighing her packages, bending over, and lifting other packages up to deal with the computer.  It looked like she might have had five to fifteen minutes of work to do.  The old man behind her, with his eyes glued on her,  appeared to have not minded at all for the wait.

Then he looked my way as I walked out the door and gave me a wicked smile.  He reminded me of Charles Addams' Uncle Fester. He made my day.


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