Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Truth Is Not Important, Who can Tell the Biggest Lie Is

I think Ted Cruz's father Rafael Cruz has been unfairly verbally assaulted by Trump.  I don't think Trump actually accused Rafael of being in cahoots with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans shortly before the John F. Kennedy assignation November 22, 1963, but sinuated it when he   pointed out it could be by the article in THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER.  And we all know what a responsible  reliable news source THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER is, reporting all the UFO and aliens from other planets sightings over the years.
Truth has no value is this presidential race when a pure bold-face lie carries more weight.
I wondered which candidate was truthful so I Googled POLITICAL TRUTH METER.
The results were sadly not surprising.  They all are a bunch of liars, including Hillary and Berney Sanders.
I don't know of any presidential candidate wannabe was overlooked.
On various facts they stated the wannabe's got stamped by the TRUTH METER "partly true"; "mostly true"; rarely "true"; "misleading"; "mostly incorrect"; "mostly wrong" and the one mostly  used by the most if not all: "LIAR LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!"
So, don't vote for a candidate because of what you heard about that person or that person's enemy's statements but go for your gut feeling:  Charm, Good lucks and charisma!
Truth has no place here.


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